Raw material of Basutai is Melamine foam (BASUTAI® )produced by BASF AG.
Melamine resin intrinsic propertiy: hardly flammable , high temperature resistance and flexible benefit melamine a lot.
The melamine foam produced by BASF has a broad range of attractive properties:
fine open cell structure → high sound absorption.
·three-dimensional filigree structure → good thermal insulation ( l = 0.035).
·ultra low density ,9.5kg /m3 → energy saving.
·flame resistance → B 1 in accordance with DIN4102 without flame retardants.
·temperature resistance → long term service temperature approx. 200 ℃.
·flexible filigree → excellent cleaning property.
·chemical stability → alkali and acid resistance.
Dimension of raw material
Basutai – processed based on BASUTAI ®
·contour / profile cutting
·aluminium facing
·non-woven fabric facing
·Die cutting

Basutai is a flexible, open-cell foam made from melamine resin, a thermoset plastic from the aminoplastics group. Its characteristic feature is its delicate three-dimensional filigree network structure formed from slender and hence readily thermoformable filaments.

  Acoustic insulation
  Flame retardanr
  Thermal insulation

  Chemical resistant
  Physical prorerties

According to melamine foams attractive properties, it has been widely applied in lots of industry segment:
  Building and Construction
  Automotive industry
  Rail vehicles

  Plant construction and thermal engineering in buildings
  Air conditioning
  Acoustic test chambers, sound studios


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