According to melamine foam's attractive properties, it has been widely applied in lots of industry segment:

Building and Construction

Its high sound absorption capacity , safe fire characteristics and the low intrinsic weight of Melamine foam baffles allows simple methods of attachment, favor it for these areas of application. Such as decoratively designed acoustic plates, suspended baffles and metal panel ceilings backed with Melamine foam.
A further construction application involves lining the interiors of roller shutter cases with Melamine foam. It serves both as thermal insulation as well as for reduction of the noise which can arise when a roller shutter is operated.


Automotive industry

Melamine foam can fulfill in ideal manner the growing demands for soundproofing in vehicle construction. Melamine foam is press-molded with felt, fabric, metal foil and plastic film to form contour-fitting parts which are used as sound insulators or mufflers or as heat shields .
Apart from its outstanding acoustic engineering properties, the high heat resistance, high fire security, favorable fogging behaviorchemical resistance and low weight of the product are especially valuable in the automotive industry.
Melamine foam is also used for filling hollow spaces in the automotive industry, e.g. fillings for the A-, B- and C-pillars.


Rail vehicles

In rail vehicles the excellent acoustic properties, safe fire behavior and low weight of Melamine foam predestine it for use in backed wall and ceiling systems and for laminated interior fittings with decorative designs. In the case of the applications in walls and ceilings the high level of thermal insulation brought about by low thermal conductivity is a significant additional advantage.



The advantages of the low density and sound absorption capacity of Melamine foam also permit system applications in the aerospace industry. Thus foil-covered acoustic members made from Melamine foam are used for the cladding on the payload areas of launcher rockets.
These reduce acoustic pressures and in this way contribute to the protection of highly sensitive goods in transit, e.g. satellites.


Plant construction and thermal engineering in buildings

Shell lagging for pipes can be produced from Melamine foam using contour cutting machines. Its ability to withstand high temperatures (long-term service temperature approx. 200 °C ) and low flammability also allow it to fulfill technically demanding insulation tasks. Further applications include the insulation of hot water tanks and equipment. Adroit system solutions based on the flexibility of Melamine foam allow complete application of the insulating material over the entire tank wall. In this way the chimney effects familiar from conventional half-shell insulation can be reduced, energy losses cut and fitting simplified. In addition to providing thermal insulation, reductions in noise levels are achieved at the same time.


Air conditioning

Excellent sound absorption and reliable fire characteristics are the most important advantages of Melamine foam accounting for its use in wing sound insulators in air conditioning equipment and ventilation systems. The inner walls of fan housings are also lined with Melamine foam to reduce noise levels. Its low thermal conductivity and high long-term service temperature are the key factors accounting for its use in solar collectors.

Acoustic test chambers, sound studios

Melamine foam's high sound absorption capacity and fire safety make it suitable for use in acoustic test chambers, e.g. low-reflection test chambers, engine test beds, wind tunnels and sound studios.


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