Raw material:
Raw material of Basutai is Melamine foam (Basutai ® )produced by BASF AG.
Melamine resin intrinsic propertiy: hardly flammable , high temperature resistance and flexible benefit melamine a lot.
The melamine foam produced by BASF has a broad range of attractive properties:
·fine open cell structure → high sound absorption.
·three-dimensional filigree structure → good thermal insulation ( l = 0.035).
·ultra low density ,9.5kg /m3 → energy saving.
·flame resistance → B 1 in accordance with DIN4102 without flame retardants.
·temperature resistance → long term service temperature approx. 200 ℃.
·flexible filigree → excellent cleaning property.
·chemical stability → alkali and acid resistance.
Dimension of raw material: 2500mm×1250mm×500mm
Basutai – processed based on Basutai ® :
·contour / profile cutting
·aluminium facing
·non-woven fabric facing
·Die cutting

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